pipette cone filters tip base filters tip cone filters
18 August 2017
Pipette Cone Filters

What is a pipette cone filter

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cap inserts for cryotubes cryotube cap inserts cap inserts for cryogenic vials
18 August 2017
Cap Inserts for Cryotubes

Launch of the one-coloured cap inserts for cryotubes

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3 dimensional shaker 3-dimensional shaker three dimensional shaker CappRondo 3 dimensional shaker
07 August 2017
3 Dimensional Shaker

3 Dimensional Shaker for a wide range of applications

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magnetic stirrer with hot plate CappRondo magnetic stirrer with hot plate Capp Rondo magnetic stirrer with hot plate
26 July 2017
Magnetic Stirrer with Hot Plate

Magnetic stirrer with hot plate for crucial applications

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rocking platform shaker CappRondo rocking platform shaker Capp Rondo rocking platform shaker
07 July 2017
Rocking Platform Shaker

The right Rocking Platform Shaker for Chemistry and Biology

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table top centrifuge tabletop centrifuge CappRondo table top centrifuge CappRondo tabletop centrifuge
06 July 2017
CappRondo Table Top Centrifuge

Table Top Centrifuge for multiple applications

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lab rotator CappRondo lab rotator Capp Rondo lab rotator
22 June 2017
CappRondo Lab Rotator

Keep biological samples in suspension with the new CappRondo Lab Rotator!

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08 June 2017
Did you know Capp has these products?

Black Microtubes, Individually Wrapped Pipette Tips, 0.1mL PCR Consumables, Cryo Tubes, 1.5mL Low Retention Microtubes, 4 Place Plate Shaker, The Newest Technology in Electronic Pipettes and many more! See the overview below.

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Follow Capp on YouTube
06 June 2017
Capp on YouTube

Follow Capp's YouTube Channel for product related videos!

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Benefits of electronic pipetting
24 May 2017
Benefits of electronic pipetting

Looking at the typical lab environment, pipettes are without any doubt one of the basic laboratory instruments.

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