CappHarmony Polystyrene Pipettes

CappHarmony polystyrene pipettes are made of transparent medical grade polystyrene sterilized by gamma irradiation. Each lot is tested for endotoxins (C.5 Eu/Ml) (ISO TO993-11), cytotoxicity (ISO 10993-5) and is non-hemolytic (ISO 10993-4), making Capp polystyrene pipettes ideal for use within tissue culture applications. CappHarmony pipettes are available in 7 volume ranges, covering volumes from 1 to 100 mL. Universally compatible with pipette controllers available on the market, Capp polystyrene pipettes are designed for accurate and rapid fluid dispensing. See also Capp Pipette Controllers for polystyrene pipettes. Capp polystyrene pipettes are Pyrogen free, sterile and cotton plugged. They are supplied individually wrapped in fiber-free, color-coded paper and plastic, being very easy to open. Contact us to receive free samples of Capp polystyrene pipettes.     

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Harmony Serological Pipettes

Harmony Serological Pipettes

CappHarmony serological pipettes are designed for accurate and rapid fluid dispensing. Made of transparent medical grade polystyrene, sterilized by gamma irradiation...

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