CAPP laboratory equipment is outstanding in terms of innovation, ergonomy, design and functionality, providng worldwide users efficiency and comfort in their daily work.

Covering three product groups: Pipetting, Consumables and Benchtop Instruments, CAPP laboratory equipment offers you a total solution for your lab needs. Have a closer look at our portfolio and note that the majority of CAPP laboratory equipment can be tested free of charge via our worldwide network of comitted distributors.

On the top of CAPP premium laboratory equipment, find out how CAPPCare asset management platform can help you to streamline and automate your lab quality processes.

CAPP is an ISO 9001 certified company with a state of the art production facility located in Germany.


elisa washer, elisa plate washer, manual elisa plate washer
18 January 2021
ELISA Washer Workflow

Experience one of the best manual ELISA plate washer workflow with CAPPTronic and CAPPWash

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qPCR pipette, pipette for qPCR, qPCR pipetting
11 January 2021
qPCR pipetting: The CAPPMaestro Advantage


qPCR pipetting: The CAPPMaestro Advantage
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384-well pipetting, 384-well manual pipetting, 384-well plates, 384-well micropipettes
09 December 2020
384-well Manual Pipetting

Streamline your 384-well manual pipetting workflow with CAPP

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Recent Products

gel loading, sds page analysis, gel electrophoresi
01 November 2020
How can CAPP make your Gel Electrophoresis easier!

Understanding the principle behind the SDS-PAGE Analysis

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28 September 2020
New and Improved: CAPPRondo microcentrifuges

The new and improved CAPPRondo CR68 fixed speed and CAPPRondo CR68X variable speed microcentrifuges are designed to offer exceptional performance when spinning down samples in life science labs.

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face masks, face protection masks, safety mask
31 August 2020
Stop COVID-19 with Schild Line® Face Masks

Due to the 2020 pandemic the value of personal safety is well ingrained in everyone's mind these days.

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