01 April 2020
COVID-19 - CAPP’s Product Portfolio for RT-PCR (qPCR)

RT-PCR is the gold-standard testing platform for viruses because of its high sensitivity and precision. CAPP offers a wide range of consumables that can be used to support the qPCR diagnostic assay related to COVID-19:

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14 January 2020
CAPP Select 2020

CAPP has prepared a range of promotional campaigns.
Profit from them, starting from the 1st of January until the 31st of December 2020!

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13 January 2020
Maxxline Cryopreservation

Maxxline cryopreservation solutions

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02 December 2019
Best suited temperatures for Capp Rondo equipment

CAPP offers a broad range of bench top equipment for laboratory use, ranging from centrifuges to shakers, rollers, stirrers and the recently launched Mini Incubator. 

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25 October 2019
CAPP at BCEIA Beijing

As we say in China, the "Peke Family" welcomes you to the CAPP Booth at BCEIA in Beijing. Come and see our newest products. Our specialist are waiting for your visit!

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Magnetic Stirrer Hot Plate CRS-21H vs. Hot Plate Stirrer CRS-22H
11 October 2019
Capp Stirrer CRS-21H vs. CRS-22H

In case you are wondering which magnetic stirrer is the right one for you, we would like to help you out with a short guide of the most important features of our both stirrers. 

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Expell Plus Paperbox
07 October 2019
Capp Paperbox FAQ

Q1: Are the PaperBox Tips sterile & PCR clean (DNAse / RNAse, human DNA, Reverse-Transcriptase- & PCR inhibitor free)?

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Universal Centrifuge CRC-432X
01 October 2019
Launch of CAPP's new Universal Centrifuge

We are launching new benchtop equipment, the CappRondo Universal Centrifuge. We did a lot of research on user feedbacks and expectations in order to generate the perfect product for you!

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Reload tips
27 September 2019
20 % off on our Reloads
Our Expell Reload System is the perfect choice if you wish to save on plastic waste and storage space. It is extremely easy to use and compared to the bulk or racked system it is more cost effective.
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