New ecopipette 100 - 1000 µL with more detailed volume increments
The new ecopipette C1000-1M comes with a counter mechanism showing volume increments from 2µL to 2µL (i.e. 996µL, 
998µL, and so on). 
You can also position the counter inbetween the 2µL to 2µL increments, lock it, and you will obtain an accurate 1µL volume setting. 
The former model C1000-1 with increments from 10µL to 10µL (and 5µL if you position inbetween) will remain available in our portfolio. 
New CAPP Forte bottle top dispenser for Hydrofluoric acid ready on stock
The new dispenser provide reliable compatibility when used for pipetting Hydrogen fluoride. 
Ordering information:
CF10-1-HF CappForte Bottle-top Dispenser, 1-10ml HF
For more information about our bottle top dispensers, click here
New CAPP Harmony syringes are now compatible with Ebbendorf Multipette Plus
You can now sell the CAPP Harmony repeater syringes to a vast user base of Eppendorf Multipette Plus users. 
Please note, that they are only compatible with the Multipette Plus, and not with the newer Multipette M4 version. 
Click here to download the newest compatibility chart, and click here to request samples. 
Contact your area manager for more information on the above.
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