Best suited temperatures for Capp Rondo equipment

CAPP offers a broad range of bench top equipment for laboratory use, ranging from centrifuges to shakers, rollers, stirrers and the recently launched Mini Incubator. 

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Magnetic Stirrer Hot Plate CRS-21H vs. Hot Plate Stirrer CRS-22H
Capp Stirrer CRS-21H vs. CRS-22H

In case you are wondering which magnetic stirrer is the right one for you, we would like to help you out with a short guide of the most important features of our both stirrers. 

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Expell Plus Paperbox
Capp Paperbox FAQ

Q1: Are the PaperBox Tips sterile & PCR clean (DNAse / RNAse, human DNA, Reverse-Transcriptase- & PCR inhibitor free)?

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Things good to know about CappRondo Benchtop
Good to know about CappRondo Benchtop

Frequently asked questions about CappRondo Benchtop Equipment

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Pipette storage how to store pipettes proper pipette storage
Pipette storage. Tips on how to store your pipettes

Pipette storage – prolong your pipette’s life by optimal pipette storage

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ecological lab ecopipette ecological pipette for lab
ecological lab - What does the ecopipette stay for?

Ecological lab is often associated with studying the ecosystems and ecological processes in a specially created laboratory environment. At Capp, we aimed our focus on making the laboratory equipment eco-friendly.

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Capp pipette calibration
Does Capp provide calibration tool and individual calibration certificates?

Yes. Both the tools necessary for calibration as well as the individual calibration certificate are included in each pipette box.

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Pipetting results out of precision? Is the pipette faulty?

Not necessary. In major cases tips are the cause of bad results in terms of precision.

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How many years warranty does Capp provide?

All Capp manual pipettes are covered by a warranty for 3 years against defects in materials and workmanship. This period begins from the date of purchase, and within this period all defective parts will be replaced.

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How do I clean my Capp pipette?

It is recommended to clean Capp pipettes using common cleaning agents such as water with mild detergents, antiseptic agents or 60-70% ethanol. Capp recommends that cleaning of internal components should be done by a trained professional in an

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Can I use my Capp pipette with acids and organic solvents?

Yes. All Capp pipettes have an ultimate chemical resistance.

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Are Capp pipettes UV resistant?

Yes. All materials used for Capp pipettes are UV resistant.

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