13 January 2020
Maxxline Cryopreservation

Maxxline cryopreservation solutions

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High-Speed Mini Centrifuge
21 August 2019
CAPPRondo High-Speed Mini Centrifuge

A better high-speed mini centrifuge

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25 June 2019
Did you know CAPP offers these consumables?

Two different types of 10 µL XL tips

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New counter mechanism on our ecopipette 100 - 1000
19 June 2019
News on CAPP Pipettes that you should be aware of!

New ecopipette 100 - 1000 µL with more detailed volume increments

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24 April 2019
Introducing CappHarmony Serological Pipettes bulk packaging

CappHarmony serological pipettes are unlike any other pipettes on the market.

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magnetic hotplate stirrer heating magnetic stirrer Capprondo magnetic hotplate stirrer CAPPRondo heating magnetic stirrer
12 July 2018
Magnetic Hotplate Stirrer

Heating samples in a lab

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PCR protocol PCR process
22 January 2018
PCR protocol

Are you in control of your PCR protocol?

… or does it work one day but not the other? Being in control of your PCR protocol means obtaining results you can rely on.

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bottle top dispenser CappForte bottle top dispenser Capp bottle top dispenser
19 January 2018
Media Dispenser

Dispense problematic media safely and comfortably with CAPPForte Media Dispenser


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benchtop equipment capp benchtop equipment capprondo benchtop equipment
19 October 2017
CappRondo Benchtop Equipment

Wishing to optimize lab processes, Capp has developed a range of new Benchtop Equipment. See the overview below, providing your the application scope and features of each new instrument.

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blood separation blood separation techniques blood plasma separation blood cell separation blood cell separation techniques
26 September 2017
Blood separation

Blood separation is one of the crucial processes in a clinical lab and is usually conducted via a process called centrifugation.

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pipette cone filters tip base filters tip cone filters
18 August 2017
Pipette Cone Filters

What is a pipette cone filter

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Benefits of electronic pipetting
24 May 2017
Benefits of electronic pipetting

Looking at the typical lab environment, pipettes are without any doubt one of the basic laboratory instruments.

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