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Meet the NEW Cell Culture Incubating Shaker
Cell cultures play an invaluable role in modern biomedical research. Because of cell culture techniques we have developed a clearer understanding of physiological and pathological conditions at the cellular level and below.
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pipette error, pipetting error, micropipette error, systematic error, random error, systematic vs random error, sources of error in pipetting
What are the common pipette handling errors?

There are several pipette errors and pipetting errors that are associated with the use of micropipettes in the life science laboratory

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piston pipettes, air displacement pipette
CAPP Piston Pipettes - from theory to practice

The 21st century has seen a rapid increase in life science research. Several important discoveries are made each year. Scientists publish thousands of innovative research papers each month.

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heating magnetic stirrer, digital hotplate stirrer
New and Improved: CAPPRondo Digital Hotplate Stirrer

It's finally here! The new and improved CAPPRondo digital hotplate stirrer is now available, and it is packed with a ton of features to improve your lab's various liquid heating and mixing workflows.

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microplate shaker, microplate orbital shaker, high speed microplate shaker
Microplate Shaker

New and improved! CAPPRondo ELISA Microplate Orbital Shaker (1200rpm) with composite housing

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protein expression, protein expression tool, protein expression lab
Protein Expression

CAPP: The ultimate Protein Expression Lab Equipment

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Harvest more cells with CAPP

Protein expression and harvesting has brought about some exciting discoveries in life sciences. With the vast amount of information now available for us to extract from the proteome, these techniques unlock a wealth of knowledg

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lab pipette, micropipette
CAPP Ecopipette: The Micropipette for Cell Culture

It is undeniable that cell culture has revolutionized medical and life science research in several remarkable ways.

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sample storage COVID-19
Sample Storage COVID-19

As a result of the rapid spread of the pandemic, many laboratories around the world are struggling to cope with sample storage COVID-19 as the rate of infection keeps rising.

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qPCR pipette, pipette for qPCR, qPCR pipetting
qPCR pipetting: The CAPPMaestro Advantage


qPCR pipetting: The CAPPMaestro Advantage
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PCR Products, PCR Plastic
Meet the new and innovative CAPP Expell PCR Products

At CAPP we value continuous improvement and we are committed to finding better ways to make PCR products that revolutionize life science research.

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