elisa washer, elisa plate washer, manual elisa plate washer
18 January 2021
ELISA Washer Workflow

Experience one of the best manual ELISA plate washer workflow with CAPPTronic and CAPPWash

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qPCR pipette, pipette for qPCR, qPCR pipetting
11 January 2021
qPCR pipetting: The CAPPMaestro Advantage


qPCR pipetting: The CAPPMaestro Advantage
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384-well pipetting, 384-well manual pipetting, 384-well plates, 384-well micropipettes
09 December 2020
384-well Manual Pipetting

Streamline your 384-well manual pipetting workflow with CAPP

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24-channel pipette, 32-channel pipette, 384 well pipetting, manual pipetting of 384 well plates
28 September 2020
CAPP 384 well Pipetting

The CAPP 384 well Pipetting product family is the perfect choice of liquid transfer instruments for manual pipetting of 384 well plates.

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Pipetting Aid, Serological Pipette Aid
15 September 2020
CAPPController PA-100: A Modern Serological Pipetting Aid

The CAPPController PA-100 is a lightweight motorized pipetting aid that streamlines liquid transfer for serological pipettes.

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PCR Products, PCR Plastic
02 September 2020
Meet the new and innovative CAPP Expell PCR Products

At CAPP we value continuous improvement and we are committed to finding better ways to make PCR products that revolutionize life science research.

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pipettes, lab pipettes, micropipette
10 August 2020
New and Improved: CAPPSolo Single and Multichannel Pipettes

Two decades ago, when we introduced the first line of CAPP lab pipettes to the world, we wholly underestimated the impact those micropipettes would have on the work of many laboratories.

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pipette controller, electronic pipette controller, electronic pipette controllers, motorized pipette controller, serological pipette controller, serological pipette controllers, manual pipette controller
14 July 2020
CAPPTempo Electronic Pipette Controller

Taking serological pipette controllers to another Level

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PCR centrifuge
25 May 2020
PCR centrifuge

CAPPRondo – The Only PCR Centrifuges You’ll Ever Need for Your Lab!

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sample storage COVID-19
20 May 2020
Sample Storage COVID-19

As a result of the rapid spread of the pandemic, many laboratories around the world are struggling to cope with sample storage COVID-19 as the rate of infection keeps rising.

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01 April 2020
COVID-19 CAPP Product Portfolio for RT-PCR qPCR

RT-PCR is the gold-standard testing platform for viruses because of its high sensitivity and precision. CAPP offers a wide range of consumables that can be used to support the qPCR diagnostic assay related to COVID-19:

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13 January 2020
Maxxline Cryopreservation

Maxxline cryopreservation solutions

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