Benefits of electronic pipetting
09 March 2021
Benefits of electronic pipetting

Looking at the typical lab environment, pipettes are without any doubt one of the basic laboratory instruments.

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PCR protocol PCR process
03 February 2021
PCR protocol

Are you in control of your PCR protocol?

… or does it work one day but not the other? Being in control of your PCR protocol means obtaining results you can rely on.

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Why people love Capp multichannel pipettes
18 January 2021
Why users love CAPP multichannel pipettes

Thank you for introducing me to Capp pipettes.
I have a strong concern to protect our staff from the risk of occupational overuse injuries,

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magnetic hotplate stirrer heating magnetic stirrer Capprondo magnetic hotplate stirrer CAPPRondo heating magnetic stirrer
12 July 2018
Magnetic Hotplate Stirrer

Heating samples in a lab

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bottle top dispenser CappForte bottle top dispenser Capp bottle top dispenser
19 January 2018
Media Dispenser

Dispense problematic media safely and comfortably with CAPPForte Media Dispenser


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benchtop equipment capp benchtop equipment capprondo benchtop equipment
19 October 2017
CappRondo Benchtop Equipment

Wishing to optimize lab processes, Capp has developed a range of new Benchtop Equipment. See the overview below, providing your the application scope and features of each new instrument.

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blood separation blood separation techniques blood plasma separation blood cell separation blood cell separation techniques
26 September 2017
Blood separation

Blood separation is one of the crucial processes in a clinical lab and is usually conducted via a process called centrifugation.

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pipette cone filters tip base filters tip cone filters
18 August 2017
Pipette Cone Filters

What is a pipette cone filter

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384 well qpcr
24 March 2017
384 well qPCR Manual Pipetting

384 well qPCR Manual Pipetting. Changing from 96 to 384 well qPCR.

96 well vs. 384 well qPCR

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CappRondo Capp Rondo laboratory mixing equipment
18 January 2017
Laboratory mixing equipment

Choose the right laboratory mixing equipment for your lab

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Capp pipette tip refill system Expell pipette tip refill system
09 January 2017
Pipette tip refill system

Capp Expell pipette tip refill system is cost efficient and extremely easy to use.

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Expell cryotube cryogenic storage cryobox 10x10
03 October 2016
Cryotube and cryobox 10x10 to optimize your cryogenic storage

Open your cryotube without taking it out of the box.

Optimize your cryogenic storage with Capp Expell products.

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