PCR reproducibility improve PCR reproducibility good PCR reproducibility
24 June 2016
PCR reproducibility

Did you know that the type of PCR plastic influences PCR reproducibility?

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05 January 2016
Why RNase certified tips are so crucial for your lab work?

RNase and DNase contamination is a major concern for molecular biology laboratories. Contamination can lead to loss of time, money, and data. Ribonuclease (RNase) is an enzyme that degrades RNA.

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05 November 2015
Ultimate Bacterial Aerosol Filtration Efficiency with Capp Filter Tips

Optimal pipetting results require high quality filter tips.

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Optimise your work with CappTrio pipettes
17 August 2015
Optimize your work with CappTrio fixed volume pipettes

Many clinical analysis labs prefer to use fixed volume single channel pipettes instead of variable ones for reasons that range from convenience of use, errors risk reduction and finally the cost.

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Eliminate sources of error in pipetting. Proper pipetting technique. How to pipette.
04 April 2015
Improve your pipetting technique

Pipetting: Find proper pipetting technique and eliminate the sources of error in pipetting

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