Universal Centrifuge CRC-432X
01 October 2019
Launch of CAPP's new Universal Centrifuge

We are launching new benchtop equipment, the CappRondo Universal Centrifuge. We did a lot of research on user feedbacks and expectations in order to generate the perfect product for you!

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calibration management software CAPPCare calibration management software Capp Care calibration management software
22 February 2019
Calibration Management Software

CAPPCare calibration management software - a simple approach to Quality Management at your Lab.

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pipette tips in recyclable racks
21 January 2019
Pipette tips in recyclable racks

Introducing ExpellPlus filtered pipette tips in recyclable racks, called PaperBox carton racks.

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96 well PCR Plates 96-well PCR plates 96 well PCR plate
11 December 2018
96 well PCR Plates Overview
The world has come a long way since the day Kary Mullis had his eureka moment that invented the Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR).
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tube roller tube rollers
20 November 2018
Fibre Body Tube Roller

How can the CAPPRondo Tube Roller streamline your processes?

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microtubes micro tubes microtube micro tube
25 October 2018
Expell Secure Microtubes

Main Reason for Choosing Expell Secure Microtubes

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filter tips Expell Standard Quality Filter tips ExpellPlus low retention filter tips
02 October 2017
Filter Tips

Standard Quality Expell Filter Tips

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CE IVD mark on CappRondo Advanced Clinical Centrifuge
25 September 2017
CE IVD mark on CappRondo Advanced Clinical Centrifuge

CappRondo Advanced Clinical Centrifuge has been registered acc. to In Vitro Diagnostics Directive 98/97/EC.

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cap inserts for cryotubes cryotube cap inserts cap inserts for cryogenic vials
18 August 2017
Cap Inserts for Cryotubes

Launch of the one-coloured cap inserts for cryotubes

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3 dimensional shaker 3-dimensional shaker three dimensional shaker CappRondo 3 dimensional shaker
07 August 2017
3 Dimensional Shaker

3 Dimensional Shaker for a wide range of applications

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magnetic stirrer with hot plate CappRondo magnetic stirrer with hot plate Capp Rondo magnetic stirrer with hot plate
26 July 2017
Magnetic Stirrer with Hot Plate

Magnetic stirrer with hot plate for crucial applications

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rocking platform shaker CappRondo rocking platform shaker Capp Rondo rocking platform shaker
07 July 2017
Rocking Platform Shaker

The right Rocking Platform Shaker for Chemistry and Biology

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