lab rotator CappRondo lab rotator Capp Rondo lab rotator
22 June 2017
CappRondo Lab Rotator

Keep biological samples in suspension with the new CappRondo Lab Rotator!

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08 June 2017
Did you know Capp has these products?

Black Microtubes, Individually Wrapped Pipette Tips, 0.1mL PCR Consumables, Cryo Tubes, 1.5mL Low Retention Microtubes, 4 Place Plate Shaker, The Newest Technology in Electronic Pipettes and many more! See the overview below.

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CappMaestro automated pipette automated pipette Capp Maestro automated pipette
08 May 2017
CappMaestro Automated Pipette

CappMaestro Automated Pipette replaces CappTronic Singlechannel

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Capp is now ISO 9001:2015 certified
07 April 2017
ISO 9001:2015 Certification

Having the top quality of its corporate processes in focus, Capp has successfully been re-certified acc. to the new ISO 9001:2015 standard.

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CappRondo Capp Rondo orbital lab shaker microplate orbital shaker
06 April 2017
CappRondo Orbital Lab Shaker

Capp presents the new orbital lab shaker for thorough, simultaneous mixing in up to 4 individual microplates.

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CappRondo Capp Rondo cooling centrifuge
23 February 2017
CappRondo Cooling Centrifuge

Capp introduces CappRondo Cooling Centrifuge

The new CappRondo cooling centrifuge can reach up to 17.000 rotations per minute and has a rotor option for up to 30 microtubes.

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Expell ExpellPlus Expell Plus PCR pipette tips
26 January 2017
PCR pipette tips

PCR Pipette Tips - the newest addition to Capp's 10µl tips portfolio

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Expell Secure black microcentrifuge tubes
20 January 2017
Black microcentrifuge tubes

Black microcentrifuge tubes for light-sensitive samples

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ExpellPlus individually wrapped pipette tips
13 January 2017
Individually wrapped pipette tips

ExpellPlus individually wrapped pipette tips assuring the strictest aseptic conditions

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Capp Denmark acquires AHN Biotechnologie GmbH
01 November 2016
Capp Denmark acquires AHN Biotechnologie GmbH

CAPP ApS is pleased to announce the acquisition of AHN Biotechnologie GmbH.

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Nunc immuno wash 12 nunc immuno washer nunc immuno wash 8
23 September 2016
Nunc® immuno washer now available as CappWash

The former Nunc® immuno washer is now available as CappWash.

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blood tube roller mixer blood tube rotator blood tube mixer
19 September 2016
CappRondo blood tube rotator

Capp introduces CappRondo Blood Tube Mixer

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