Expell 384 well PCR plates
02 September 2016
Universal 384 well PCR plates

Expell 384 well PCR plates, universally compatible

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cryopreservation cryogenic products cryogenic consumables
22 August 2016
Small cryopreservation samples

Optimize your cryopreservation storage capacity

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Cryo racks cryo storage boxes cryogenic storage boxes cryo freezer boxes
18 August 2016
Cryo Storage Boxes Innovation

Capp introduces Expell Cryo Racks

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26 October 2015
Capp introduces the new version of 10μl long tips

Following the successful launch of Expell 10μl long tip in bags (5130040C), Capp introduces its new, improved portfolio of 10μl long tips, covering Expell non low-retention and ExpellPlus low-retention filter and non-filter tips, available in bags

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21 September 2015
New Self-Standing 50mL Centrifuge Tubes from Capp

Capp introduces 50mL self-standing sterile centrifuge tubes, enriching its portfolio of BluCapp centrifuge tubes and following Capp’s strict quality requirements.

Features and benefits

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01 September 2015
Capp introduces its new CappRondo Magnetic Stirrer

The new Magnetic Stirrer from Capp features uniquely elegant Danish design, being Capp’s next product launch from the Red CappRondoTM Benchtop Product Line.

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10 August 2015
Capp launches new 0.2-2µl ecopipette of standard lenght

Complementing its portfolio of micropipettes, Capp introduces the new 0.2-2µl ecopipette of standard length – C02-1. The new ecopipette is 5 cm longer than C02-1S, which is the short version of 2µl ecopipette.

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27 July 2015
Capp introduces CappRondo Mini Vortex Mixer

Capp Mini Vortex Mixer offers the ideal solution for thorough mixing and quick vortexing with high performance in terms of speed, reliability and safety.

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02 July 2015
Capp introduces new Expell 10µl long tip

Complementing our tips portfolio, Capp introduces the new Expell 10µl long tip, available in bags of 1000pcs.

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01 July 2015
New product launch by Capp - CappRondo Minicentrifuge

Benchtop instruments have never been so elegant! Following the successful launch of CappRondo Microcentrifuge, Capp introduces its new Minicentrifuge, belonging to the uniquely elegant red CappRondo Benchtop Line. 

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