CAPP at CISILE 2018 in China
07 May 2018
CAPP at CISILE 2018 in China

Thank You to our distributor PEKE for representing CAPP brand at the 16th China International Scientific Instrument and Laboratory Equipment Exhibition (CISILE 2018), taking place in Beijing-

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15 December 2017
CAPPSelect Promotions for 2018

CAPP has prepared a range of promotional campaigns.
Profit from them, starting from the 1st of January until the 31st of December 2018!

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Capp Promotions for 2017
19 December 2016
Capp Promotions for 2017

Capp has prepared a range of promotions for 2017. See below Capp's Promotional Calendar 2017 and follow the links to receive an offer.

All promotions are valid from the 1st January till 31st December 2017.

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Get a free 16-channel pipette from Capp
31 October 2016
FREE 16-channel pipette from Capp

Take advantage of Capp's unique promotion, valid from the 1st November till 31st December 2016!

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Expell Cryovial
30 August 2016
Get 1 Free ecopipette, buy 3 cases of cryotubes

Buy 3 assorted cases of Expell Cryotubes, GET 1 ecopipette for FREE. (Volume free of choice).

Valid till 31.10.2016

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ecopipette shopping bag
06 June 2016
FREE shopping bag from Capp

Buy 2 assorted ecopipettes, GET 1 FREE Shopping Bag from Capp!

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22 March 2016
Discounted PCR & Cell Culture Starterkits

From 1st April till 30th June 2016, Capp is running 2 Start Up Your Lab promotions:

Campaign 1: Discounted PCR Lab StarterKit containing:

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02 February 2016
Start Up Your Lab

Start Up Your Lab is Capp's promotional theme for 2016. We start with:

Get 1 FREE Case of Expell 100µl Tips (50 racks of 96 tips):

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30 November 2015
ecopipettes & Centrifuge Tubes on Promotion!

Buy 1 Case of BluCapp 15 or 50ml Centrifuge Tubes, Get 1 ecopipette with 50% off!

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09 November 2015
Capp Repeater on Promotion

Buy 2 Capp Mechanical Repeaters, Get 2 Cases of CappHarmony Retips with 30% off!

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28 October 2015
Microcentrifuge & ecopipettes on Promotion

Buy 1 CappRondo Microcentrifuge, Get 1 ecopipette at 50% off!

To find Your Local Capp Distributor write to Campaign ref. 2015-12. Campaign is valid till 30th of November 2015.

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13 October 2015
CappRondo Microcentrifuge 35% off!

Buy 1 Case of ExpellPlus Filter Tips, Get 1 CappRondo Microcentrifuge at 35% off!

For more information please contact Your Local Capp Distributor. Campaign ref. 2015-05. Campaign is valid till 15th of November 2015.

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