Stop COVID-19 with Schild Line® Face Masks

Due to the 2020 pandemic the value of personal safety is well ingrained in everyone's mind these days. Schild Line® face masks are especially made to provide maximum protection against microbial pathogens and other undesirable micro-particles in the air. With Schild Line® face protection masks we believe that we have raised the bar to a whole new level and in this article, we are sharing a few reasons why we believe you'll love them. 

Face masks with high filtration efficiency

Schild Line® face masks feature the ultimate three-layer design that provides best-in-class filtration efficiency. The front layer of each safety mask is constructed from a non-woven PP material that provides a high efficiency first-line barrier against larger micro-particles. Sandwiched between the two outer layers of the safety mask is a melt blown material designed to block the passage of bacteria and other similarly sized microbes. The innermost layer of Schild Line® face protection masks is constructed from a soft non-woven material that offers the last line of defense. With this three-ply design, Schild Line® face masks eliminate most potentially unwanted micro-particles in ambient air, protecting users from exposure.

Comfortable face masks

Comfort is baked right into the DNA of Schild Line® face protection masks. Each safety mask features an adjustable nose clip that fits snugly over the nose bridge, reducing the chances of exposure to contaminants. With Schild Line® face protection masks, no more foggy glasses, or slippery face masks. The elastic ear bands of our face masks are designed to gently fit over the ears without tugging at them. Schild Line® brand face protection masks use latex-free materials to minimize the chances of immunosensitive reactions. Last and certainly not least is the soft, breathable inner fabric of Schild Line® face masks. The extremely soft inner cloth of each safety mask is gentle on the skin, minimizing any skin irritations. The soft inner cloth of Schild Line® face masks also actively fights against heat and moisture build-up ensuring ultimate user comfort.

High quality face protection masks

Schild Line® face protection masks are designed to pass the most rigorous standards. This means that you get maximum protection and peace of mind when using our face protection masks. Each Schild Line® safety mask is quality controlled for certain parameters that affect user safety and comfort such as bacterial filtration efficiency, microbial cleanliness, and differential pressure. For users in the health sector, each safety mask is tested for its resistance to the penetration of synthetic blood. Schild Line® face protection masks are compliant with the ISO 10993-5 and EN 14683 international standards.

Safety mask packages for everyone

Schild Line® face masks are supplied in cases that can be distributed to meet the needs of both small scale and bulk customers. Each case of face protection masks has 50 boxes with 50 units of face masks. Each reseller consignment can be redistributed as 1x50 pcs safety mask boxes, each box containing 2 bags of 25 masks.

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