Why CAPPBravo should be your default Lab Pipette

When choosing a lab pipette today, the choice is more difficult than it was 60 years ago when the first piston pipettes were introduced. There are several innovative lab pipettes on the market all claiming to have certain unique features that blow the competition out of the water. It can be difficult filtering through all the marketing jargon to find just the key information that you need to choose the best lab pipette for your workflow. In this article, we will cut through the noise and highlight what we believe is the best lab pipette on the market - the CAPPBravo single channel lab pipette.

Lab Pipette with volume lock mechanism

When transferring liquid volumes with your lab pipette, accuracy is the key. This is especially true in those moments when you need to repeatedly transfer a fixed volume of liquid into several microtubes using the same lab pipette. The CAPPBravo single channel lab pipette features a unique volume lock mechanism that allows scientists and technicians to set their desired pipetting volume and lock it in place. This volume locking mechanism allows scientists to transfer the same volume of liquid across several tubes with pinpoint accuracy. With CAPPBravo lab pipettes, pipetting reps could not be any simpler.

Ergonomic Lab Pipette

The CAPPBravo line of single channel lab pipettes is designed to offer best-in-class ergonomics for user comfort as well as injury prevention. Designed to have a balanced, lightweight chassis, the CAPPBravo lab pipette feels just right in the hand - you just have to hold one to understand the feeling. In addition to an unequalled in-hand feeling, the CAPPBravo lab pipette also features a wide tip ejection knob. The wide tip ejection knob reduces the chances of repetitive strain injury while providing a comfortable place for users to rest their thumb. Lastly, each CAPPBravo lab pipette has a contoured design with an ergonomic hook that provide unequalled comfort to users of this pipette series.

Lab Pipette with a stainless steel piston

As the reliability and accuracy of piston pipettes is heavily dependent on the quality of the piston mechanism, CAPP went all in to ensure that the CAPPBravo line of lab pipettes has nothing but one of the best pistons on the market. Featuring a stainless steel piston, the CAPPBravo range of lab pipettes provides a very smooth and pleasant stroke every single time. The steel piston on these lab pipettes is not only designed for user comfort, but it also ensures accurate pipetting with dependable accuracy. Additionally, the stainless steel piston of CAPPBravo lab pipettes is long-lasting, extending the usable life of the pipette well beyond the average for their pipetting class. 

Universally compatible Lab Pipette

CAPPBravo lab pipettes also feature a universally compatible tip cone that fits pipette tips from several leading brands. The smallest volumes of CAPPBravo single channel lab pipettes are fitted with heavy-duty metal tip cones, featuring double O-rings to create a perfect seal every time you load a pipette tip. Thanks to the metal tip cones, the CAPPBravo lab pipettes can fit tips in the volumes ranges 0.1-2μl, 0.5-10μl and 2-20μl comfortably without the risk of breaking or damaging the cone. With CAPPBravo single channel pipettes, you have the freedom to use the best lab pipettes with your favorite tips. You do not have to be shackled to one brand of lab tips when you have CAPPBravo as your default lab pipette.

Test your CAPPBravo Lab Pipette today!

Once you have tested the CAPPBravo lab pipette, you will not want to go back to anything else. This well-rounded lab pipette does all the basics so well that many scientists around the world have made it their daily driver for all single-channel pipetting needs.
Click here to test your own CAPPBravo single channel pipette and join the club of elite scientists and technicians that are pushing the boundaries of scientific inquiry without breaking the bank. True to its CAPP roots, the CAPPBravo range of lab pipettes is truly accurate, truly robust!

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