CAPP Expell Premium Cryovials

Designed for the most demanding cryopreservation scenarios, CAPP Expell cryovials boast of market-leading innovative features that keep your samples in the best condition for longer. These premium quality cryogenic vials provide a comprehensive cryopreservation solution for research laboratories, clinical facilities, and academic institutions alike. Created by the world-class product design team at CAPP with a combined manufacturing experience spanning decades, Expell cryovials leverage the best of what we have learned to provide robust cryogenic vials that will not disappoint.

CAPP Expell Cryovials product highlights

From a sleek, pseudo-unibody external thread design to the galactic star-foot bottom, CAPP Expell cryovials have the radiance of innovation and quality. Supplied in five size variants (0.5mL, 1.0mL, 2.0mL, 4.0mL, and 5.0mL), Expell cryogenic vials are designed to meet the cryopreservation needs of a broad range of laboratories, both big and small. CAPP Expell cryo vials also save users up to 23% of freezer space when used with CAPP 10x10 plastic cryoboxes. Customers requiring sterile cryovials for their cryopreservation applications will be pleased to note that CAPP Expell cryogenic vials are sterilized to meet the Sterility Assurance Level (SAL) level of 10-6


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