CappHarmony Retips

CappHarmony retips are positive displacement tips, which makes them the ideal choice for applications involving viscous, infectious and volatile liquids. All CappHarmony retips are individually tested in order to assure the most reliable and repeatable results at your end. The disposable pistons of Capp positive displacement tips make them highly recommended for protocols where the prevention of cross contamination is a must. Along with the mechanical repeater pipettes of Capp, CappHarmony retips will be a perfect tool for multidispensing applications. On the top of that, Capp retips are universally compatible with a wide range of stepper pipettes on the market. Contact us for free samples of CappHarmony positive displacement tips.     

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CAPPHarmony Dispenser Tips

CAPPHarmony Dispenser Tips

CAPPHarmony dispenser tips are universally compatible with a wide range of stepper pipettes. ...