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Take a simple approach to your Lab's Quality Management with CAPPCare Lab Management Software!

CAPPCare Lab Management Software provides you with a work environment where you can access your calibration certificates anywhere, register and search for assets, add Co-Workers and Employees to manage your Lab assets and manage your service intervals in a simple and efficient way.

Streamline and automate your process with CAPPCare Lab Management Software

Control, track and run your service based on ISO 17025 accredited industry standards. The metrology based calibration environment of CAPPCare lab management software moves you away from manual processes, modeling your unique SOPs. CAPPCare lab management software provides you with the exact overview of what instruments are due for service, so you won't miss an opportunity to keep yourself or your customers' assets under full control.

Access your information with CAPPCare Lab Management Software

CAPPCare Lab Management Software gives you an easy and flexible access to your calibration reports from anywhere. Thousands of pre-built product specifications help you service more instruments in a faster and more efficient way.

Take a closer look at the way CAPPCare Lab Management Software works

Adding assets

With CAPPCare lab management software you automatically index and store your assets, detailing their location, status, photos, and manuals giving your organization a single source for asset tracking and documentation.

Assigning assets to maintenance plans

CAPPCare lab management software connects your assets to your service providers and configures your unique requirements to cement a complete picture of your asset compliance standards.

Assigning maintenance plans to responsible parties

Via CAPPCare Lab Management Software, your service provider can manage the schedule, orders, and results for each task, equipping everyone to complete the work. CAPPCare lab management software generates system alerts and notifications to keep both teams on the same page.

Monitoring your progress

The dashboards of CAPPCare lab managment software provide you with an advance reporting engine and rich configurable notifications to stay on top of all the work and the compliance state of your entire asset population.

For more informaiton about harmonizing your entire asset servicing process with CAPPCare Lab Management Software, contact us.

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