Expell 384 Well Plates

CAPP Expell 384 well plates are made of a special blend of PP, designed for PCR and qPCR applications. Rigid, flat and stackable, the Expell 384 well plates are highly transparent and ideal for applications where the optical qPCR signal is obtained through the bottom of the plate. Fully skirted, CAPP 384 well plates can be used in all standard 384 well cyclers as well as in many 384 well block (q)PCR cycler models. Expell 384 well plates are also ideal for robotic applications, enabling high-throughput and low-volume processing.

Thin walled CAPP 384 well plates are specially threated to minimize the binding of proteins. DNA, DNase, RNA, RNase and Pyrogen free, CAPP 384 well plates are autoclavable and have an evaporation grade less than 3%, enabling processing PCR volumes as small as 5µl. Closure can be accomplished with the optical adhesive, cat. no. 5100400C. Contact us for free samples of Expell 384 well plates worldwide.

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Cat. No.Description
5100513CExpell 384 well plate, natural, 320 pcs.
5100400CExpell PCR Optical Disposable Adhesive, 100 pcs.

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